August 2017 – Kambua Open 2017

At 8am our bus left the city terminal in Stockholm for a 40 minute ride to the famous golf course Bro Hof Castle, where Kambua held its first Annual Kambua Open golf tournament.

Welcome information, sandwiches and coffee were served upstairs in the castle upon arrival.

At the conclusion of the welcome ceremony and presentation of the day’s schedule, all of the players joined with former PGA player Joakim Haeggman to enjoy his amazing golf show which produced a lot of laughter and plenty of good golf tips.

At 11am all of the 106 competitors were ready to tee off in the very first Kambua Open. The day was filled with sunshine, laughter, good food and very warm friendship.

The players passed the so called ”half way house” four times during their round, here they could drink champagne, tea, coffee, or soft drinks upon request. Personnel from Kambua were on hand to serve and take pictures.

The evening festivites began with dinner served at 6 pm from the grill. During the dinner the prize ceremony also took place. The Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists were acknowleged and received their prizes. Kambua also held a lottery using the scorecards from the remaining players so that no one left empty handed from the day’s event.

At 10pm the Kambua bus returned back to Stockhlom filled with happy content golfers!

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July 2017 -Nexusball Rally & Kumipallo4000


This summer Kambua appeared as a sponsor in the Finnish version of Gumball. The race, called Kumipallo4000, was held from July 3rd to July 9th, 2017.

Kambua’s participants in the race included a supercharged Corvette Stingray C7 convertible and an Audi RS6 performance plus, which the TV-camera crew used to travel around Europe to film the race!

All competitors flew to Milan, the starting line, and their set of 48 sports cars stood waiting. The race then proceeded through Monte Carlo, The French Alps, Paris, Amsterdam, Malmo, Stockholm and finished in Helsinki, totalling 4000 kilometers!

The Kumball4000 entourage through Europe was met with great interest wherever they passed and unlike the original Gumball, the Kumipallo4000 had a bunch of car-interested lords and ladies that just loved to drive fast cars.

The race was not without incident, the worst being a Ferrari 458 engine that broke in The French alps! Kambua’s Corvette also experienced trouble in the Alps, but made it all the way to the finishline with honor!

The weather was tremendous EVERY day, with the exception of the last stage in Sweden, from Malmö to Stockholm. The sun returned on the boat ride to Finland!

Nexusball Rally

The Nexusball rally went from the capital of Sweden-Stockholm and passed through Riga, Vilnius, Warszawa, Poznan and Hamburg before finishing up in Halmstad (Sweden).

Crowds of people gathered for the July 2nd launch at "the Royal Club of Motorboats" where they were able to take a look at the cars and to cheer them on.

The first part of the tour took all of the competitors via ferry boat to Riga. It was a quiet stress free evening on the boat. However, upon arrival in Riga the racers embarked on a 400 kilometer rally, the first destination being Vilnius (Lithuania). There were a few minor stops along the way and a few of the cars and their drivers experienced a bit of turbulence with the local police.

The journey then continued on from Lithuania to Warszawa. At the central square in Warszaw all the cars lined up for a photo shoot.

From Warsaw, the rally went next to Proznan. Here, five people welcomed the competitors and guarded the cars at night. During the day all the competitors were able to race at the Poznan race track.

After Poland the race continued to Hamburg. Unfortunately in Hamburg there was a EU top-meeting scheduled and the entire city had been blocked off causing a problem that no one was prepared for. Consequently, some of the drivers chose to drive on to Denmark and the rest decided to get beyond the barricade and spent the night in Hamburg.

Friday July 7th was the last day of the rally. The finish line was in Tylösand, Halmstad where there was a full celebratory a la carte dinner held for all of the competitors. A job well done!

Jan/Feb 2017

The 2017 Swedish Championships in 26 different winter sports were held from January 31st to February 5th in Söderhamn, Sweden.

Kambua were present to promote our business along with 40 other companies. We were also one of the fifty two main partners for the Championships.

It was estimated by the organizer that approximately 75,000 people visited during the week, with around 1,500 viewing our Kambua showcase!