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    The success of our product reflects the success of our selection criteria and although we are not right for everyone, we can be the perfect choice for any discerning individual or organisation that wishes to build their personal wealth portfolio.



  • Growth of capital

    Kambua International works to grow your assets through the European Sports Trading Market. A lucrative independent market place not exposed to global economic and financial fluctuations.

    For yours and our security we work together with one of the largest business banks in the world.

    You will receive a monthly percentage of your total stake capital and it is always paid on the first day of every month. Banks typically offer a 3% return per year. We return to our clients a substantially higher amount.

    All trades carried out by Kambua International are documented and legally endorsed. Statistically, they show our methods are reliable for achieving capital growth.

    Since our launch in 2012 we have always delivered the expected yearly return for all our clients.

  • Clients

    The majority of our clients come to us through personal recommendation or by personal invitation and so they already know who we are and how we work. For those who are not familiar with Kambua and would like to know more, we encourage them to contact us and arrange a personal meeting.

    This can either take place at one of our multiple offices in Sweden, or alternatively, at one of our overseas offices in London or Helsinki. Other worldwide locations by arrangement. We can also arrange meetings in your own home if this is your chosen preference.

    These meetings are the ideal setting for us to answer questions about our trading strategies, our banking, performance history, our legal status and the return on your assets. So please feel free to book a no obligation personal meeting with us by completing the contact form on the next page and one of our Kambua representatives will be in touch with you shortly.

    At Kambua we value your privacy and account security. We will always protect your personal information.

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