Vid Din Sida – help for elderly homeless people

Kambua International is now a proud sponsor of the organisation.

Vid Din Sida works to help elderly homeless people living in Stockholm; people who, for various reasons, have no place to stay.
A recent report by national broadcaster Sveriges Television highlighted both Vid Din Sida and Stockholm’s homelessness problem, putting pressure on politicians to act quickly to address the issue.
A proposed solution is now set to be presented by Stockholm City Hall officials in the near future.
Kambua International and Vid Din Sida both eagerly await swift action that will ease homeless people’s suffering.
Vid Din Sida currently does a wonderful job of providing temporary shelter for elderly homeless people as part of their long-term goal of helping them find permanent housing. Until that time, the organisation provides those still living on the streets with a place to go for warmth and food.
Kambua has donated a five-figure sum in support of Vid Din Sida’s efforts and now appeals to its clients to make their own charitable donations.
Vid Din Sida’s staff assure us that every gift is welcome, no matter how small.

Kambua Open donates €3,500 to A Reaching Hand

A drop of rain is insignificant, but together we can make a river!

A REACHING HAND is a charitable trust based in Cape Town in South Africa. The organisation depends on the support and donations of private citizens and businesses. By giving to A REACHING HAND, you give direct help to children, youths, single mothers and families who struggle to survive from one day to the next in some of South Africa’s neediest areas.

A REACHING HAND was formally founded by Karin Hoole in 2010. Karin devotes all her free time to supporting the organisation and her passionate dedication to the cause never fails to touch the hearts of the people she meets.

A REACHING HAND receives no funding at all from the South African government. Its work is based entirely on the organisation’s own initiative and is funded by private citizens, individual companies, associations and foundations.

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