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Kambua International

Kambua International is one of Europe’s biggest participants in the sports trading market.
We manage a strategic investment and profit-sharing product that invests daily in any of all the global sport events that take place. Our product offers an expected high rate of return, which we have delivered to our clients every year since our founding.
That alone makes Kambua unique in many ways.

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Rapid growth

Kambua International currently manages investment portfolios for a large number of clients and is growing rapidly.
Kambua is active in Sweden, Finland, England and the US via its sales company and plans to expand further abroad in the near future.
Interest in Kambua International and its offering continues to grow and we are now attracting major attention from many other markets.

- our way of giving back

We view our sponsorship initiatives as a way for Kambua to give back to the sports world that we are so passionate about. They also genuinely reflect our values when it comes to integration, community, solidarity and joy.
These same values also inspire us to support many CSR and charity projects.