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Published: 2018-04-10

Our new website is designed to create a more accessible platform allowing Kambua to better communicate with its stakeholders and the rest of the world. Our aim is to provide up-to-update information regarding our company and activities, news and events, sponsorship and partners. Not forgetting our sports trading-progress and results, which is our core business.

Redesign aside, Kambua.com will continue to serve as both a convenient point of contact with our clients, and a portal for them to check the value on their investments. Results and performance will also remain available to view daily.

As a company, Kambua International is gaining major ground, and an increasing number of investors are discovering the advantages of what we have to offer.

Currently, there is a lot happening within our business organisation.

Kambua International recently moved its headquarters to Malta. Our relocation means that we have further expanded our presence in the EU and, therefore, are required to follow accounting and information regulations that ensure greater transparency. We are registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority with company ID number C84019.

Kambua has also made the decision to become more public, marketing our brand to a wider audience. We have started several sponsorship projects and made investments in support of a number of CSR projects as part of our efforts. (Learn more under About Us.)

Launching our new website is part of our plan to share more information about Kambua International, its progress and on-going investments. In doing so, we hope to attract even greater interest in Kambua and our unique investment product.

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