Kambua sponsors pro golfer

Published: 2018-04-17

Niklas Lemke is one of Sweden’s most promising and exciting golfers. Having played on many international tours, Lemke is now seeking the big break that will launch him to fame.

Recognising his star-potential, Kambua International has stepped in to provide financial backing for Lemke’s on-going campaign to make his mark on the golfing world. “Kambua’s sponsorship allows me to concentrate fully on my sport. I really feel that their support is genuine, too, and I’m very grateful for that,” says Lemke.

At 33 years of age, 2018 is Linköping-native Niklas Lemke’s 11th year as a professional golfer. To date, he has played on most of the tours around the world, including the European Tour, Web.com Tour and Challenge Tour.

He’s also experienced his share of highs and lows. “My motivation to be a world-class player is always there. On the other hand, my circumstances might not always be what I’d like. That’s why it’s great that a company like Kambua International has chosen to support and believe in me. It gives me the confidence I need to focus on my golf and to get to where I want to be,” says Lemke.

Lemke will focus on the Challenge Tour during 2018, with the aim of finishing among the top ten competitors, thereby qualifying for the European Tour.

Both Lemke and Kambua International hope that their sponsorship deal will help him reach his goal. “It’s great fun to work with people who share the same goals – to do better and to take their product to the ultimate level. That’s what Kambua wants to do, and so do I,” Lemke concludes.

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