Sporting legends join Kambua

Published: 2018-05-16

They are responsible for some of Sweden’s greatest sporting triumphs and most unforgettable moments in sporting history. Now, in the wake of their illustrious sporting careers, footballer Thomas Brolin, wrestler Frank Ansersson and table tennis player J.O. Waldner have joined forces with Kambua International.

In reality, the trio hardly need any introduction. Brolin, Andersson and Waldner are three of Swedens greatest sporting world champions. Combined, they have won numerous titles, championships and other tournament medals and no less than four Bragdguld medals, as awarded to Sweden’s athlete or team of the year by Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. If that wasn’t enough, Waldner even received the Bragdguld medal two years in a row.

Having now retired from professional sport, these three sporting legends are concentrating their efforts on partnering with Kambua International and will act as the company’s sports ambassadors for the foreseeable future.

“It’s great. The icing on the cake is that Kambua International is a company that gets behind Swedish sport. What’s more, its core business is also based on exactly that – sport. With that in mind, the decision to join Kambua really wasn’t all that hard to make,” says Waldner, who is known as “the Mozart of table tennis”.

FIFA World Cup hero Brolin adds: “I was given a very open and transparent presentation of both Kambua as a company and its operations. It didn’t take me long to realise the beauty of Kambua’s business concept and to decide to make an investment of my own.”

All three legends point to their background in sports and understanding of the betting market as motivating factors behind their decision to partner with Kambua:

“It’s obvious to most people that this type of trading delivers the expected returns. It applies basically the same strategy that other professionals in the industry use,” says former Olympic bronze medallist Andersson. He adds: “I’ve made both good and bad investments in my time, but with Kambua, I’m always a winner”.

In their role as Kambua ambassadors, Brolin, Andersson and Waldner will take part in some of the company’s customer relations activities, and will occasionally also make appearances as high-profile Kambua partners.

“I’m very proud that three household names in Swedish sports want to be both Kambua International’s customers and also ambassadors for the company at the same time. It’s going to be great fun working together,” says Stefan Sandström, CEO of Kambua International.

Fast facts

Tomas Brolin

One of Sweden’s most successful football players of all time. Brolin helped the Swedish national team win a bronze medal on home soil in the 1992 European Championship and later repeated the feat at the 1994 World Cup held in the US.

The bronze-medal-winning team was awarded the Bragdguldet medal in recognition of the sporting achievement of the year by Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet and Brolin’s own performance at the 1994 World Cup culminated in his selection as part of FIFA’s World Team of the Year.

The Swedish champion spent most of his professional career playing for Italian club Parma, where he competed in a total of 133 matches and won both the UEFA Cup and UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

Brolin also won the Guldbollen trophy awarded annually to Sweden’s best footballer in both 1990 and 1994.

J.O. Waldner

J.O. Waldner is Sweden’s all-time best table tennis player and was responsible for almost single-handedly ending China’s dominance of the sport.
His successes include Olympic gold, two World Championship gold medals in the singles competition, and four World Championship gold medals in the doubles competition. He was also victorious in seven European Top 12 tournaments.

On two occasions, Waldner was also awarded the Bragdguldet medal for the sporting achievement of the year by Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. His first award came in 1989 in recognition of his achievements as part of the gold-medal-winning World Championship team. The second came in 1992 in honour of his Olympic gold medal in the singles competition.

Swedish sports fans have since ranked Waldner at no. 4 on the list of Sweden’s all-time greatest athletes. In total, his elite-level table tennis career spanned almost four decades.

Frank Andersson

Together with sporting greats Ingemar Stenmark, Björn Borg, Linda Haglund and Thomas Wassberg, Andersson is a member of an exclusive group of legendary Swedish athletes born in 1956. The five all became world champions in their respective sports at around the same time.

Andersson won a slew of European and World Championship gold medals in Greco-Roman wrestling and topped off his career with an Olympic bronze medal at the Los Angeles games in 1984. He took home European Championship gold in 1976, 1978, 1979 and 1981 and World Championship gold in 1977, 1979 and 1982.

Andersson also received the Bragdguldet medal for the sporting achievement of the year in 1977, as awarded by Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

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