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Kambua International has been an active force in sports trading since 2012. Prior to our launch, our programmers unveiled the very first version of our unique software. Using intelligent algorithms, the software has the power to both quickly and daily identify the foreign betting market’s best sporting objects on everything from football, ice hockey, handball and basketball, to any of the thousands of other sporting events that take place every day.

Since trading live, the software has a hit rate of approximately 70 percent of all matches, giving Kambua’s clients an historic return rate of 25 percent per year. We have achieved this result every single year since Kambua was launched. Kambua International is currently, through its sales company, represented in Sweden, Finland, England and the US.

One of the major differences between traditional savings plans and the investment offered by Kambua International is that client’s, and their money, are less vulnerable to factors beyond their control, such as politics, falling stock markets and market fluctuations. To further limt risk and protect your assets, we only use a small portion of the staked capital for each trade. Essentially, Kambua manages a strategic savings and profit-sharing product that is unique to the financial marketplace.

Clients who are EU citizen’s have the added bonus of knowing taxes have already been paid on their earnings, due to current EU legislation. However, for non-EU citizens, the tax laws of their home country apply.

Naturally, as our client, you will receive daily performance reports that show the results of our investments and allow you to follow your progress for yourself. The value of your investment is also visible, either in the app, or when you log in to your Kambua account, showing the balance in your favour.

In early 2018 Kambua International moved its headquarters to Malta. Our relocation means that we have further expanded our presence in the EU and, therefore, are required to follow accounting and information regulations that ensure greater transparency. We are registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority with company ID number C84019.

Kambua International also has chosen to become more public, marketing our brand and product to a wider audience. We started several sponsorship projects as part of our efforts, and now invest in rising-star ice hockey team Kalmar HC, who were promoted to Sweden’s Division 1 League (Hockeyettan) this year, as well as bandy club Broberg/Söderhamn Bandy.
Kambua also participates in numerous professional golf collaborations and one of our US representatives is none other than former golf pro Anders Forsbrand, who, after Henrik Stenson, is still the most successful Swedish golfer to play on the European Tour.

Our sponsorship initiatives are our way to give back to the sports world that we are so passionate about. They are a genuine reflection of Kambua’s values which include; integration, community, solidarity and joy.

These same values also motivate us to support many charities and CSR projects. We are heavily involved with the Swedish charity Vid Din Sida, which helps elderly people who are homeless, the Swedish chapter of Save the Children and the Reaching Hand organisation, which works to fight poverty and promote education in some of South Africa’s most needy areas.

As a company, Kambua International is gaining ground, and a rising number of investors are discovering the advantages of what we offer. We currently experience only limited competition from minor markets and our growth remains strong. Moreover, we plan to launch additional products and exciting partnerships soon.

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