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August 2017 – Kambua Open 2017

The day began as early as 8 AM for some of our tournament participants, when the rented bus took us to the golf course from the Stockholm city bus terminal. The ride took them to Bro Hof Golf Club, where the rest of the participants were gathered.

Next, sandwiches and coffee were provided to our guests together with information about the event in the upper storey of Bro Hof Castle. After the refreshments and a review of the day’s schedule, we headed down to the range to enjoy an amazing exhibition by Swedish pro golfer Joakim Haeggman. Haeggman’s golf clinic provided both a lot of laughs and great tips!

The tournament then kicked off at 11 AM, after which all 106 players were off and running in the grand première of the Kambua Open. Sunshine, warmth, laughter, joy, good food and wonderful company characterised our day together.

The players stopped in at the halfway house four times during the day, where they were served champagne and nibbles. There we also met up with our fantastic employees, who lent a hand as waiting staff and event photographers.

Last but not least, we capped off the day with a barbecue buffet and awards ceremony on the veranda at 6 PM. Prizes were awarded to the top three finishers, after which the remaining prizes were presented based on a scorecard lottery. The rented bus arrived for the return trip to the city bus terminal at 10 PM.

July 2017 – Kumipallo4000 & Nexusball Rally


Kambua entered two cars in the Finnish version of the Gumball event this past summer. The race was named Kumipallo4000 and ran from 3-9 July 2017. Kambua entered both a super-charged C7 Corvette Stingray convertible and an Audi RS6 Performance Plus that chauffeured our camera crew around Europe.

First, we were flown down to Milan, where our stable of 48 sports cars stood waiting for us. We enjoyed glorious sunshine EVERY DAY until we arrived in Malmö, Sweden, for the final leg of the race leading to Stockholm and the boat over the water to Finland (where the sun greeted us yet again!). The race course ran from Milan to Monte Carlo, the French Alps, Paris, Amsterdam, Malmö, Stockholm and Helsinki, and covered a total distance of nigh on the promised 4,000 kilometres.

Our procession through Europe aroused plenty of interest wherever we went and, perhaps unlike the original Gumball event, Kumipallo4000 involves a group of car-enthusiast ladies and gentlemen whose focus is on responsible driving. The worst thing that happened was that a Ferrari 458 gave up the ghost while driving through the French Alps! Our own Corvette also experienced a few issues while motoring at altitude, but we still managed to cross the finishing line with full honours.

Nexusball Rally

The Nexusball Rally ran from Stockholm to Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw, Poznań, Hamburg and Halmstad. It began on Sunday, 2 July outside Stockholm motorboat club Kungliga Motorbåt Klubben, where crowds of people came to look at the cars and cheer the drivers on.

The first leg of the rally led to the harbour and the boat that would carry us to Riga at 5 PM. The evening that followed was very calm and stress-free. Once in Riga, the next leg of approximately 400 kilometres took us to Lithuania. We made a few short stops along the way and one of the drivers ran into a spot of bother with the local police!

Our tour then continued from Lithuania on to Warsaw, where we put the cars on display for photographing in the central square. From Warsaw we travelled further into Poland, where we were met by a troop of five security guards who were assigned to watch the cars at night. We also tried our hands at some track racing in Poznań during the day.

Leaving Poland, we headed next to Hamburg, where we met with some problems, since a top-level EU meeting was being held there that day and the entire city had been cordoned off. This unexpected glitch divided our party; many chose to travel on to Denmark, while others managed to get past the barricades and spent the night in Hamburg.

We crossed the finishing line at Tylösand in Halmstad, Sweden, on Friday (which became the rally’s final day), where we held a closing party worthy of the event and its participants before finally saying goodbye.

January/February 2017

Together with around 40 other companies, Kambua showcased its activities at the expo held in conjunction with major Swedish sports event SM-veckan. The event was held in Söderhamn during the week of 31 January to 5 February. Kambua was also one of the event’s 52 main sponsors.

According to organisers, SM-veckan drew crowds in the vicinity of 75,000 people, around 1,500 of whom visited Kambua’s booth.

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